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Producer Profile: Raul Perez

The region is renowned for its Mencia production. The Mencia varietal is a fragrant, juicy and delicate grape that is often referred to as “the Pinot Noir of Spain”.

Raised in the winery, Raul Perez produced his first vintage from his parents vines in 1994 at the age of 22. After studying Oenology, he marked his shift from academic to winemaker and began producing vintages using the family Mencia.

From 2005, Perez began his own vineyard, Bodega y Vinedos Raul Perez.

Recently he has expanded into the nearby regions of Rías Baixas, Ribeira Sacra and Tierra de León, using only varietals native to those regions in these cuvees.

The influence of Raul Perez upon the contemporary wine world cannot be understated. Perez’ growing and making philosophies have pervaded throughout the culture’s global vernacular – especially in Spain, where he is the unequivocal ‘Father of Spanish wine’.

Perez’ strict focus upon low intervention growing and production methodologies define his practice. His priority is to exert the least amount of influence upon his fruit, carefully watching and adapting to the needs of the environment. This attentive eye enables Perez’ wines to encapsulate an honest expression of the villages and vineyards from where the grapes originate.