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2018 Barouillet 'Gaia' Chardonnay
2018 Barouillet 'Gaia' Chardonnay
Regular price $42.00
Cuvee: Gaia
Appelation: VDF
Varietal: Chardonnay
Year: 2018
Producer: Barouillet

‘Gaia' is 100% chardonnay and classified ‘Vin de France’, as chardonnay is not recognised in this appellation.

As with all of Barouillet wines, there is no manipulation except for a touch of SO2 before bottling depending on vintage. This will convert any natural wine skeptic, unfined and unfiltered, this is a wine with energy and purity at its core.

 Citrus, stone fruit, balance. This wine hasn't been filtered and is ‘living’, drink now or hold, this wine has at least 5 years in it.

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