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1985 Domaine Rolet 'Arbois Blanc' Chardonnay MAGNUM
1985 Domaine Rolet 'Arbois Blanc' Chardonnay MAGNUM
Cuvee: Arbois Blanc
Appelation: Arbois
Varietal: Chardonnay
Year: 1985
Producer: Domaine Rolet

We’ve finally received our long awaited allocation of these never to be seen again wines from Jura powerhouse, Domaine Rolet. These are direct from Rolet’s cellar, and in perfect condition. Fill heights are all touching the foil across the board. We have only a couple of each, and they won’t be back again. Drinking history..

 The Rolet estate was created by Désiré Rolet in 1942, with just 4 hectares, and was taken over by his children, Eliane, Bernard, Guy and Pierre in 1958. They grew and ran the estate to be the second largest in the Jura until 2018 when they took retirement and sold to the Devillard family, well known for their Bourgogne estates.

100% Chardonnay, 18 months in old oak, non-oxidative winemaking

1985 Domaine Rolet 'Arbois Blanc' Chardonnay MAGNUM