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2013 Jerome Arnoux Vin Jaune
2013 Jerome Arnoux Vin Jaune
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Cuvee: Vin Jaune
Appelation: Jura
Varietal: Savagnin
Year: 2013
Producer: Jerome Arnoux
Vin jaune from the Jura region of France, is best known for oxidized nutty and toasty flavors and aromas, similar to a dry Fino Sherry. To create vin jaune, wine from Savagnin grapes; an ancient variety native to northeastern France and southwestern Germany; spends more than six years nearly untouched under a layer of flor (naturally occurring yeast) inside a cask (a process similar to sherry production, but Vin Jaune is not fortified). True to its name, 'vin jaune', which translates to 'yellow wine', can show in the glass as bright yellow or golden in color. This is a wine which has layers and layers of complexity, and length that goes on and on… Buy a chunk of Comte cheese and eat it with this. One of the best food and wine matches ever!!!
2013 Jerome Arnoux Vin Jaune
2013 Jerome Arnoux Vin Jaune