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2016 Mas Candi 'Corpinnat' Cava
2016 Mas Candi 'Corpinnat' Cava
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Cuvee: Corpinnat
Appelation: Pendes
Varietal: Xarello, Macabeo, Parellada
Year: 2016
Producer: Mas Candi

Cava is best known as the 'Champagne of Spain'. It's made in the same way, but uses varieties indigenous to Pendes (the home of Cava production).

Mas Candi was started in 2006 by four viticulture and winemaking students from France. They make a tiny production, using only organic grapes.

This particular cuvee is bone dry, fresh and vibrant. If you're unfamiliar with Cava (or have only had the bulk stuff) try this, you'll hopefully notice when made well- Cava can be some of the best value wines on the market.