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2018 Abel Methode Cider 500mL
2018 Abel Methode Cider 500mL
Cuvee: Methode cider 500ml
Appelation: Nelson
Varietal: Apple
Year: 2018
Producer: Abel

Abel Methode Cider is made in minuscule quantities each vintage from freshly harvested apples and pears.  All fruit is hand-picked, milled, then fermented dry.

Unfined and unfiltered, it’s fermented in bottle like champagne.  This natural carbonation gives a finer bubble which retains aromas and flavours.  Bottle fermentation adds complexity and texture, as well as giving cloudiness from the yeast sediment that remains.  

Abel Methode Cider is bone dry with less than 0.5g of sugar per bottle!  This is proper cider - refreshing and full of natural fruit sweetness from the delicious apples and pears that the Nelson-Tasman region is famous for growing.

2018 Abel Methode Cider 500mL