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2018 Bodega Chacra 'Barda' Pinot Noir
2018 Bodega Chacra 'Barda' Pinot Noir
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This biodynamic Pinot Noir from Patagonia is one hell of a way to jump into a new experience when it comes to Pinot. The biodynamic grapes are harvested from the youngest plot of vines that Chacra’s use to make their wines, giving you a structured, vibrant and pure pinot.

With a smaller percentage blend of old and new oak, the majority of the wine goes in concrete tanks, so you can expect a touch of oak but it’s sitting gently alongside the raspberry and red fruit we long for.

It’s versatile enough to pair with fish, charcuterie or just tear the cork out at your earliest convenience with nothing but a glass.

2018 Bodega Chacra 'Barda' Pinot Noir