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2018 Iago 'Marina' Mtsvane
2018 Iago 'Marina' Mtsvane
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Cuvee: Marina
Appelation: Georgia
Varietal: Mtsvane
Year: 2018
Producer: Lago

Completely organic viticulture and winemaking, this was the first winery in Georgia to receive Bio-Certificate in 2005. The wine cellar produces 5000 bottles of natural wines annually and is 100% exported. New Zealand receives a tiny allocation each year, these are wines with a level of depth and complexity hard to compare to, well, anything - mayyyyybe Pheasants tears? This is not a wine for the faint hearted and a warning - it may be polarising. If you're into funk, tannin and trying new things. Give this a go!

2018 Iago 'Marina' Mtsvane