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2018 Lo-Fi 'Santa Barbara County' Cabernet Franc
2018 Lo-Fi 'Santa Barbara County' Cabernet Franc

Lo-Fi’s single-vineyard Clos Mullet Cabernet Franc is a superb expression of Cab Franc from whats considered a new world region.

Hand-harvested and organically grown, this wine takes off on a different direction to that of the Coquelicot Vineyard Cabernet. Using a Loire Clone, it’s grown organically and hand-harvested but doesn’t go through semi-carbonic fermentation. It’s destemmed and has a longer slower fermentation time to allow everything to progress in harmony together, expect a bigger more concentrated wine. 

Only small amounts (264 cases) were produced of this Lo-Fi Clos Mullet, so we suggest picking it up right away.

This wine is ALIVE. Don’t age it, just drink it. With Pizza or Pat

2018 Lo-Fi 'Santa Barbara County' Cabernet Franc