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2018 Trappiste 'Coenobium' Bianco
2018 Trappiste 'Coenobium' Bianco
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Cuvee: Coenobium
Appelation: Laizo
Varietal: Trebbiano, Malvasia, Verdicchio
Year: 2018
Producer: Trappiste
Monastero Coenobium is a blend of Trebbiano, Malvasia & Verdicchio farmed by Trappist Nuns from organic vineyards in Lazio. The Nuns consult with Paolo Bea's Son, Giampiero Bea (look up Paolo Bea if you haven't heard of him- an iconic italian producer) who likes extended periods of skin contact to extract more flavor and complexity into the wine. The resulting wine shows lovely rich flavors of mineral, white fruits, and a hint of funk. Natural, organic & could be considered a baby orange wine. Yuuuummm, try it.
2018 Trappiste 'Coenobium' Bianco