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2019 Mosse 'La Joute' Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay
2019 Mosse 'La Joute' Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay
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Cuvee: La Joute
Appelation: VDF
Varietal: Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay
Year: 2019
Producer: Mosse

Beginning in 1999, Agnes & Rene took over a vineyard in St-Lambert du Lattay, in the Loire valley and have spent the last 2 decades revitalizing the vines and adding a number of new varieties to their 17ha vineyard.

Despite the fact Agnes & Rene Mosse don't like the idea of being categorized as ‚natural‚ wine producers, their wines are very much made in this way. A quote from Rene in an interview in 2011, ‚A lot of the stuff coming from these natural winemakers is completely undrinkable and I refuse to be in cahoots with these guys. Quality is what matters. I don't care how your wine was made if it's undrinkable.

Quality‚sums up Mosse, across the range there is not a bad wine.

La Joute‚ is the somewhat strange blend of Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay, a little shy to start but let this breath to unleash all the complexity Mosse wines are known for. Uber limited. Be Quick.