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2019 Ramon Jane 'Tinc Set Baudili' Xarel.lo, Parellada
2019 Ramon Jane 'Tinc Set Baudili' Xarel.lo, Parellada
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Cuvee: Tinc Set Baudili
Varietal: Xarel·lo, Parellada
Year: 2019
Producer: Ramon Jane
Ramon is foremost a grapegrower, tending to his 10-25 year old vines in the heart of Pendes.
Xarel.lo and Parelladais are white grape varieties of Spanish origin which are specially grown in Catalonia. With Macabeu, they make up two of the three traditional varieties used to make the sparkling wine, Cava (Spanish Champagne).
Ramon Jane's family have grown grapes in Penedes for generations but until 2006 all production was sold on to the big Cava houses in the region. He initially struck out on his own by producing a range of bio-dynamically grown Cavas from his family vineyards before going entirely natural in 2016.

Ramon wines are pure grape juice from only indigenous varietals, wild fermented and bottled without any added sulphur, additions or filtration.
This is one of the most responsibly made (and tasty!) values on site - the wine is all citrus and freshness! 
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