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2019 Frank Cornelissen 'Munjebel' Rosso
2019 Frank Cornelissen 'Munjebel' Rosso
Regular price $83.00
Cuvee: Munjebel
Appelation: Etna
Varietal: Nerello Mascalese
Year: 2019
Producer: Frank Cornelissen
Frank Cornelissen’s legendary wines from the volcanic faces of Mt. Etna in Sicily would tickle the fancy of every wine buff, and year in year out get snapped up as quickly as they arrive! Munjebel is made using Nerello Mascalese from different vineyards, partly from Frank's best parcels where he produces his (much) higher priced ‘cru’ wines. It’s deep ruby red, with a powerful nose with red fruits, herbs and spices. Acidity and a softer tannic structure results in a wine with character and persistence. A wine worth trying at least once!