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2019 Lo-Fi 'Coquelicot' Cabernet Franc
2019 Lo-Fi 'Coquelicot' Cabernet Franc
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When you stumble upon wines like Lo-Fi’s Cabernet Franc, it’s a no brainer, no questions asked wine to add straight to your basket.

The reality is that Lo-Fi is less about what it is and more about what it is not.

"It is not over manipulated. It is not over extracted. It is not over ripe."

This Cabernet Franc was fermented using the semi-carbonic method, which allows off the fruit to burst, nearly literally, out if this bottle.

It sees a full ferment of native yeasts and naturally occurring bacteria for 16days and when the fermentation has finished, it’s barreled in used oaked and then finally bottled with no filtrations It’s organic and hand-harvested so everything about this wine resonates with us, and it should with you.

It’s soft, it’s full, it’s everything you want from new world Cabernet Franc from Santa Barbara.

2019 Lo-Fi 'Coquelicot' Cabernet Franc