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2019 Mas Candi 'Ovella Negra' White Grenache
2019 Mas Candi 'Ovella Negra' White Grenache
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Cuvee: Ovella Negra
Appelation: Pendes
Varietal: White Grenache
Year: 2019
Producer: Mas Candi

Mas Candi is a revolutionary young winery located in the Penèdes region of north-eastern Spain, an hour or so inland from Barcelona. It was started up in just 2006 by four viticulture and winemaking students from France. They use solely their own grapes from their own organically farmed vineyards. A blend of mainly white Grenache and Malvasia, Ovella Negra (aka the black sheep) also sees some skin contact, textural, fresh and medium bodied, yuuum.

2019 Mas Candi 'Ovella Negra' White Grenache