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2019 Mosse 'Moussamoussettes' Rose Pet Nat
2019 Mosse 'Moussamoussettes' Rose Pet Nat
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Cuvee: Moussamoussettes
Appelation: Loire Valley
Varietal: Pineau d’Aunis, Grolleau
Year: 2019
Producer: Mosse

Mosse have had a cult following since they landed in New Zealand a few years ago and are quickly snapped each year, (only 20 cases made it to NZ) we’ve managed to get a small allocation of their Pet Nat and single vineyard Chenin, La Joute, these are wines not to miss! 

Moussamoussettes Pet Nat Rose is a blend of mainly the grape Pineau d’Aunis (a variety rarely planted outside the Loire Valley and purportedly a favorite of King Henry III of England) and Grolleau, another Loire grape is most commonly made into rosé wine, Grolleau wines tend to low alcohol content and relatively high acidity. 

We love this wine. It is pink, delicious, very slightly sweet and the perfect aperitif for a spring or summer lunch or evening aperitif.

2019 Mosse 'Moussamoussettes' Rose Pet Nat