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2020 Bink 'Mesje' Alicante Bouchet
2020 Bink 'Mesje' Alicante Bouchet
Regular price $53.00
Cuvee: Mesje
Appelation: Barossa
Varietal: Alicante Bouchet
Year: 2020
Producer: Bink

Alicante Bouchet is a relatively unknown variety (its history mainly stems from Southern France where its made in a full, ripe style.  Picked earlier than its French predecessors, then 100% destemmed and fermented dry on skins. Pressed to one seasoned puncheon (old 500L barrels) A typical dark colour, very inky. Dried cranberries with a soft musky hint and crushed plums. Fresh start in mouth with musky mid pallet and plums till the end. Plush tannins linger all the way. We love how this wine has summer and winter appeal!