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2020 Bryterlater 'Brambles' Field Blend
2020 Bryterlater 'Brambles' Field Blend
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The Bryterlater Brambles is the epitome of a ‘field blend’. It’s not that often you see Syrah, Riesling and Moscat sitting side by side in a red wine that’s best drunk chilled! 

Red and white blends have been a thing of great beauty in Côte Rôtie in the Northern Rhone part of France where they have been blending Syrah and Viognier successfully for decades with bottles fetching prices of either incredible or insane proportions depending on who you ask.

Why blend them? That drop of white gives vitality, freshness and helps to perfume the wine.

It’s 2020, it’s not France, it's the Waipara and James Opie has decided to try his hand at a field blend of red and white varieties and we’ve got it here at Star Superette.

As the name says, you can expect fruit by the punnet.

2020 Bryterlater 'Brambles' Field Blend
2020 Bryterlater 'Brambles' Field Blend