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2020 Melange 'du Champ' Orange
2020 Melange 'du Champ' Orange
Cuvee: Du Champ
Appelation: Marlborough
Varietal: gewurtztraminer, pinot gris, sauvignon blanc
Year: 2020
Producer: Melange

This particular cuvee is the third of Harrisons 2020 release, ‘du Champ’ meaning ‘of the field’ is an orange wine made using 3 white grape varietals.

Gewurztraminer (Gwa-verts-tra-meen-na) is hand harvested the same day as Pinot Gris and destemmed (I.e. the berries are separated from the bunch) on to 20% whole clusters (I.e intact bunches) then a wild fermentation kicked off. 5 days later Sauvignon Blanc was picked, destemed and added to the fermenting berries. Over the next 28 days the ferment was plunged twice a day by hand. The skins were then gently pressed into a single seasoned barrel. The finished wine was bottled, labeled and waxed by hand.

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