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2020 Vanguardist 'Le Petite Vanguard' Grenache
2020 Vanguardist 'Le Petite Vanguard' Grenache
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Cuvee: Le Petit Vanguard
Appelation: Blewitt
Varietal: Grenache
Year: 2020
Producer: Vanguardist

The idea of Vanguardist wines was established in Hawkes Bay, following many late evenings between 3 friends from different walks of life. This collaboration and alignment of ideals led to setting up shop in Adelaide, South Australia. Where wine maker Michael Corbett is making delicious, easy drinking bistro style wines from several contracted vineyards.

This youthful bright Grenache sees around 50% whole bunch, some carbonic, some more traditional. Aged 500L puncheons and 600L demi-muid housed the wine for about 6 months post press, before the final wine was blended and sent to bottle without fining or filtration. Fresh, juicy, beaujolais esk. Serve with a chill!

2020 Vanguardist 'Le Petite Vanguard' Grenache