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2020 Yetti and the Kokonut ' El Doradillo'
2020 Yetti and the Kokonut ' El Doradillo'
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Cuvee: El Doradillo
Varietal: Doradillo
Year: 2020

100% Doradillo, southern Barossa. 1/3 destemmend, 1/3 whole bunch and 1/3 straight press and back over the other fruit, teabag style.

Fermented dry on skins. Kept it like this for about 5 months. Pressed to stainless and bottled a month later. 

Musky peachy nose, hits of freshly cut mint linger in back pallet.

Grippy first start with exotic components stepping in to calm down the tannins, soft mid structure with smooth sailing freshness in the end.