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2020 Yetti and the Kokonut ' Project Wine'
2020 Yetti and the Kokonut ' Project Wine'
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Cuvee: Project Wine
Varietal: field blend
Year: 2020

Dave Geyer and Koen Janssens are a couple of South Aussie winemakers (and Dave grows the stuff) who have combined their powers for this wine label. 

The Project Wine is a one off release wine that will change each vintage, depending on what's around at the time.


This year, it's an opportunistic blend of Riesling (60%) fermented on skins for three weeks, blended with Red Semillon from the Adelaide Hills. It's a fresher orange wine that the time on skins might suggest -  tense with racy, glassy acidity and a bitter twist of citrus fruit that will suck you back to the glass time and time again.