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2020 Yetti and the Kokonut Savagnin
2020 Yetti and the Kokonut Savagnin
Regular price $63.00
Varietal: Savagnin
Year: 2020
Producer: Yeti & the Kokonut

100% Savagnin, Mclaren Vale. 2.5 weeks 100% whole bunch, carbonic. Pressed to Austrian puncheon and aged for about 6 months. Pfff, this wine is bonkers!!!

Mr reserved here, the nose is like your first date with your partner/wife/husband. Sparks everywhere and you know that you're in for a good ride. palette is all about weight without overdoing it. So much complexity, like sitting in a 1976 GT500 Shelby mustang for the first time... ready for the ride. Savagnin from Adelaide Hills for the win.