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2019 Koyama Riesling 'Brut Nature' Methode Traditional
2019 Koyama Riesling 'Brut Nature' Methode Traditional
Regular price $39.00
Cuvee: Brut Nature
Appelation: Waipara
Varietal: Riesling
Year: 2019
Producer: Koyama

'Brut Nature' (also called Zero Dosage, Brut Zero or Non-Dos) is used to indicate the driest style of sparkling wine, with no sugar added.

This wine blows away the common misconception of Riesling being sweet. Bone dry and aperitif style, it's been given the full treatment in terms of production (made like a Champagne) and drinks well above this price.

NZ make great fizz and we should be drinking more of it!

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