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2107 Little Wing Syrah
2107 Little Wing Syrah
Regular price $58.00
Cuvee: Syrah
Appelation: Waiheke
Varietal: Syrah
Year: 2019
Producer: Little Wing

Really cool story here behind Little Wing; wife and husband Gillian and Gareth MacLachlan bought a nearly abandoned oceanfront vineyard on Waiheke in 2014 and got straight to work rejuvenating the property.

The vineyard is a natural bowl shape with super steep slopes of heavy clay and a multitude of different aspects and sun exposures. It is heavily influenced by the ocean. In order to respect this unique site, the vines are all hand-worked and managed organically (though they are not certified at this stage).

This is in the top 5 of wines I've drunk in the last year. A special occasion wine, if you have a decanter, use it! If you don't, I find a coffee plunger works a treat. Let the wine breath!

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