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NV Clandestin 'Les Semblables' Champagne
NV Clandestin 'Les Semblables' Champagne
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Over 90% of the Champagne we recognise is made by the Grande Marques (the big houses). Almost all of their fruit is bought from growers across the region, some use fruit from over 1000 separate vineyards to create their ‘house’ style wines. Grower Champagnes are those made farm to table, by the artisans. The vines are nursed and vinified entirely by the grower, often from a single or few vineyards, giving greater representation to the terrior. These styles aren’t controlled by market expectation and represent another dimension to the champagnes of the big guys. 

Champagne Clandestin is a new joint project between Bertrand Gautherot of Vouette & Sorbée and his righthand man, the young, energetic, Burgundian-trained Benoit Doussot.  Clandestin means hidden or secret and it refers to the source of this Champagne: the long-overlooked, 15-35 year old west-facing parcels of Pinot Noir. 

 Les Semblables is a savory Champagne made from 100% Pinot Noir intensely mineral wines lashed with bright, crunchy berry flavors. Fermented and aged in French oak barrels before aging on lees for 15 months, Les Semblables is disgorged and finished without any dosage. Serious fizz, seriously limited.

NV Clandestin 'Les Semblables' Champagne