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Sadie Family 'Treinspoor' Tinta Barocca 2014
Sadie Family 'Treinspoor' Tinta Barocca 2014
Cuvee: Treinspoor
Appelation: Swartland
Varietal: Tinta Barocca
Year: 2014
Producer: The Sadie Family

Tinta Barocca is a variety with origins in Portugal where it was typically used as a blending component for Port. First initially imported into South Africa in the late 1920s, growers often confused it with Shiraz.

After realising their mistake, they began using the variety for the production of world class port-style wines.

The demand for Port-style wines have wavered over the past few years. However, this has resulted in South African growers in making premium quality blended and single varietal wines from these vines whose age now dates over 100 years.
The Sadie Family vineyard was planted in 1974. Made by Eben Sadie, South Africian wine royalty - in terms of style, think between Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo.
Medium bodied with silky tannins, decant me please.
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